This Old Gray Mare group started in 2007 & now, over ten years later, is still out on the trails.  Yes, things have changed & there’s different women riding on a regular basis for a variety of reasons.  The ultimate goal of the founders, however, was to keep riding no matter what & unless the weather is terrible, we still do.  So how do we keep going & meet as a gang of gals to ride?  There are some things we’ve found that work for us. Here you go:

Put It On A Calendar

Make your ride dates as if you were making an important APPOINTMENT. You make it just fine to other things – make the point to ride & stick it on your calandar with the importances riding deserves. Include the date, time, meeting place & you might even plan your ride route in advance. Make it a strictly kept, non-negotiable part of your weekly schedule then DO it !

Get a group of at least 2-6 friends / riders to make the same APPOINTMENT. That way, if one or more can’t make it, someone DOES go ride. Knowing that part of your group IS riding every day/week/month is a huge motivation to make it into the saddle.

Follow Basic Rules

Ride using the Universal Rule of Trail Riding. No exceptions.  When it comes to basic rules, here’s the ones that are most important:

  • Ride at the level/speed of the least experienced rider
  • Communicate all concerns clearly before you set out to ride
  • Wear a ASTM/SEI approved helmet
  • Carry a cell phone on your body – not on your horse
  • Pack a first aid kit & water for every ride

Safety First

Safety first – in all aspects of riding. The goal is to KEEP riding so injuries to humans and horses are to be painstakingly avoided. While feelings can be hurt, they mend much quicker than broken body parts.